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Hear Musee Mecanique’s Existential Folk Ballad, ‘The Lighthouse and the Hourglass’

“Every grain of sand is sifting through the hourglass,” Portland quintet Musée Mécanique warn on “The Lighthouse and the Hourglass,” the first single from the group’s upcoming sophomore album. A yearning folk-rock song seasoned with clean arpeggiated guitar, the track outlines overarching themes of transition and growth. The “flag we’ve managed for so long,” they advise, must eventually be let go. Stream “The Lighthouse and the Hourglass” — with its sizable drum rolls and strong, swelling horns and strings — below. The tune features on Musée Mécanique’s forthcoming From Shores of Sleep, a Kickstarter-funded LP that arrives on August 26 via Tender Loving Empire.