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Metallica Herald Glastonbury Set With New Version of ‘Lords of Summer’

Though it doesn't sound much different than the previously released "garage demo"

With Metallica set to headline Glastonbury for the first time later this month, the hard-rock gods are celebrating the occasion by releasing a new version of their track “Lords of Summer.” The eight-minute behemoth was previously unveiled last March at a show in Bogota, Colombia, and the band gifted fans by releasing a “garage demo version” soon after. The new “first pass version” doesn’t sound all that different, though a close comparison will yield some differences in the audio and production quality.

Meantime, it seems Metallica fans can expect one hell of a show at Glastonbury, which runs from June 25 through 29. According to NMEthe festival’s founder Michael Eavis said, “There’s no other band in the whole history of the festival that has been so keen to play. They will do the best set of their lives here.” That comes in spite of efforts by some Glastonbury attendees who attempted to get Metallica booted from the lineup due to James Hetfield’s association with a bear-hunting show on the History Channel. The petition has since been taken down from Facebook.

Perhaps their set can feature the proposed drum-off between Lars Ulrich, Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Will Ferrell? That would certainly make for a memorable moment in Glastonbury history.