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Watch Metallica’s Bloody Response to Glastonbury Critics

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Over the past couple of weeks, Metallica has drawn a lot of heat from Glastonbury fans, both because of frontman James Hetfield’s hunting habits and because people like Mogwai’s Martin Bulloch think they’re “shite.” Just before their Sunday night set, the band fired back, quite literally, with a gory short film called Glastallica.

Directed by Julien Temple, the film opens with a series of clips from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly before switching over to a fox hunt in the British countryside. Mitch Miller’s “The River Kwai March” and Sweet’s “Fox on the Run” soundtrack the chase, which ends when men in bear suits take down the red-coated hunters with advanced weaponry. The bears are eventually revealed to be Metallica themselves, blithely celebrating the deaths of their would-be killers.

Jack White also saluted the band this weekend with a cover of their hit “Enter Sandman,” but given the gleeful violence in the clip, they probably didn’t need his support anyway. Watch the whole seven-minute film above.