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Hear Lost Boy ?’s Tightly Wound Indie-Rock Ripper ‘Hollywood’

Lost Boy Double Double Whammy Hollywood Canned Stream

For the better part of the last four years, Brooklyn-based songwriter Davey Jones has been issuing a series of bite-sized, nasally indie rock releases with his band Lost Boy ?. Today, he has finally emerged with news of the quartet’s first studio full-length, Canned, and a high-strung track from that record called “Hollywood.” Employing chunky guitar rhythms ripped from the pages of Bob Pollard, adenoidal vocalizations that’d make Superchunk proud, and melodic sensibilities that recall early Weezer’s totemic choruses, “Hollywood” delivers a host of half-stoned memories of indie rock from the not-too-distant past. But Lost Boy ?’s messy, shambling charm keeps the track from descending into pure pastiche. Double Double Whammy is offering a preorder of the Canned cassette starting today, or you can grab it when it’s out officially on August 5. Listen to “Hollywood” below.