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Watch Larry Gus’ Mind-Bending ‘With All Your Eyes Look’ Video

Larry Gus 'With All Your Eyes Look' Video Remix

More gifts from Larry Gus. Last week we premiered the Milan-based producer’s contribution to an excellent Dummy Records comp, “Translucid.” But now DFA Records has given us a handful of goodies to let loose from their plunderphonic pop auteur. Above you can watch the wild video for new song “With All Your Eyes Look.” Therein, director Seth Brau does with lines what Gus does with sound — creating beautiful form from chaos, and creating a few illusions in the process. The song itself sports a clackity beat and waves of warm melody, eventually giving way to Larry’s own charming, colorful vocals. It’s a perfect pairing. 

Meanwhile, below you can hear not only the aforementioned song, but three strikingly unique remixes of “With All Your Eyes Look.” First, Black Deer (aka Willie Burns) dwells in the eerie, finding a still percussive but equally drone-y space to explore. Tuff Sherm (a.k.a. Dro Carey) reworks the track into a clanging, slightly tropical corner; and Cut Hands (William Bennett of Whitehouse) laces the song with orchestral notions and wilder rhythms still. Read our profile on Larry Gus here.