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Hear Larry Gus’ Tropical Beat Feast, ‘Translucid’

Larry Gus 'Translucid' Stream Dummy Mag Compilation

Last year we met Panagiotis Melidis, a computer engineer who makes “wild, plunderphonic pop” under the name Larry Gus. “When I’m on my own,” said the Greece-born producer to SPIN’s Philip Sherburne, “I’m just looking in flea markets for cheap stuff and shitty, like, library records, old jazz records, and really bad New Age stuff.” Yet, as evidenced by the DFA Records LP that followed — Years Not Living — the sum of his found parts is a very formidable thing. Now, we’re happy to share for the first time “Translucid,” a Gus cut from the stunning 21st Century Pop Music 2014 compilation, out June 23 on Dummy Records (digital pre-order here). The song you’ll find below is richly infused with bossa rhythms, silken harmonies, backmasked gutiars, and other oddities that expand its psychedelic air. Hit play, and peruse the track list to see the good company this man keeps.

21st Century Pop Music 2014 track list:

1. John Wizards – “Welcome To Cape Town, Cape Town Welcomes You”
2. Álauda – “Falling Star”
3. Larry Gus – “Translucid (Two Worlds Cont.)”
4. Tev’n – “Chasing Storms (Kwes Rework)”
5. Palmistry feat. BlazeKidd and Uli K – “Ascensión”
6. Amateur Best feat. Empress Of – “Create Your Love”
7. Tirzah – “I’m Not Dancing (Damien Taylor Rejiggle)”
8. Empress Of – “Realize You (East India Youth Remix)”
9. Real Lies – “World Peace”
10. Brolin – “Inspectr”
11. Eyedress – “White Lies”
12. Cadenza feat. Deena Jonez – “The Darkest Hype (Wondagurl Remix)”
13. Mokadem – “Nothing”
14. E.m.m.a & Will LV – “Lies, Lies, Lies”
15. Kit Grill – “City by Night”