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Turn Your Nintendo 3DS Into a Tiny Portable Synthesizer

Korg Synthesizer Nintendo 3DS Software

Music machinery giant Korg has announced the upcoming release of a program that will turn the portable Nintendo 3DS platform into a tiny, awesome synthesizer. The DSN-12 software will allow users to control 12 monophonic synth sounds inspired by Korg’s vintage bass-heavy, electro-favored MS-10 analog instrument. Watch the videos above and below to see the original synth in action, and hear the sorts of sounds you can make with the program.

As XLR8R reports, Korg promises the software will provide “a broad range of powerful sounds that you would not expect from a game machine.” To wit, the program will also feature: a series of effects modules including delay, chorus, flanger, compressor, kick, and reverb; a 64-step sequencer for looping; and a 3D oscilloscope that illustrates the waveforms being created. There’s a social aspect too, allowing users to share song and sound data freely between devices.

Release is expected for September. DSN-12 was created in collaboration with Japanese music app developers Detune, who have more information available here. Chiptune freaks and Gameboy hackers, take note. Also, this could be a fine addition to the repertories of rap producers mining old video games for samples.