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Wolf-Masked MC Called the Koreatown Oddity Will Save Us From Wackness

Koreatown Oddity 'Title Sequence' Video Stream

It’s a lot to take in all at once — a dude in a wolf mask, stalking the California wilderness, rapping about Rihanna over sweeping strings. But a guy who calls himself the Koreatown Oddity wouldn’t have it any other way. Los Angeles residents may know Dominique Purdy from his days doing standup at the Laugh Factory at the age of 16. Others, perhaps, from his modest acting credits. But this is most definitely an debut.

Seen above and heard below, “Title Sequence” is aptly named — it’s the opening track on the Oddity’s June 10 200 Tree Rings album and, according to label New Los Angeles, the song “introduces us to the world through the eyes of our hero as he gathers his tools, meditates on the mission that lay before him, and begins his journey to save the western world from wackness.” This lupine character actually dies by the LP’s end, but before that happens, we get 12 tracks of Quasimoto-reminiscent semi-blunted, mind-expanding rhyming set to the beats of folks like Pharcyde hit-maker J-Swift, House Shoes, Jeremiah Jae, KONE, Ras G, Giovanni Marks (a.k.a. Subtitle), and more.