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These Kittens Won’t Turn Down for Anything

These Kittens Won't Turn Down for Anything

Lil Jon has said the only two things he turns down for are the police and sleeping, but would he turn down for kittens?

Buzzfeed points out, we now know a couple of fluff-balls the man might appreciate — tiny felines who, in a viral video rapidly gaining steam, get as crunk as cats (probably) can to “Turn Down for What.” Seated on a plaid blanket, a grey kitten and a black-and-white one head-bang with almost perfect timing to DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s surprise chart-topper — the latter even gets way down low as the song continues. It’s family-friendly: no flowerpots broken with crotches this time. 

At the very least, the clip fulfills Lil Jon’s expectations for the track. “A song’s gotta capture a moment in someone’s life,” the crunk maestro told SPIN. “It’s basically a movement of people that like to have a good time. This song is the type of song that gets you motivated to do anything.” Getting an animal that sleeps an average of 15 hours a day to head-bang definitely counts. The little guys above are amped, though we do know one “what” for which a cat will turn down: