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Johnny Rotten’s ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ Tour Has Been Canceled

John Lydon Jesus Christ Superstar Destiny's Child Incubus

That insane-sounding production of Jesus Christ Superstar featuring John Lydon of the Sex Pistols and Public Image Ltd., Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child, Incubus’ Brandon Boyd and ‘Nsync’s JC Chasez has been suddenly canceled just over a week before it was set to launch on a country-spanning tour.

Starting June 9, Lydon was to play King Herod, Boyd would have played Judas Iscariot, Williams was set to play Mary Magdalene, and Chasez was going to play Pontius Pilate, but now, with little explanation all of the shows are off. It seems likely that finances played a role in the cancellation.

In an interview with AP, producer Michael Crohl (who also produced the ill-fated Broadway show Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark) said that the show would have to bring in “several hundred thousand dollars” a night in order to come out in the black.

Other details on the cancellation aren’t immediately clear at the moment, but catch the cast’s Good Morning America performance above to see just what we’re all missing out on.