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Hear Jay Z Hop on X Ambassadors’ Jubilant ‘Jungle’ for Beats by Dre

Jay Z X Ambassadors Jungle Remix Jamie N Connors Beats

Fledgling New York alt-rock quartet X Ambassadors have received some unexpected shine lately thanks to the placement of their heavy-hitting track “Jungle” in a World Cup-themed Beats by Dre advertisement, but now they’ve garnered an even bigger boost thanks to a remix from none other than Jay Z.

Why would Hov hop on a song by a relatively unknown group of Ithaca, NY natives and their British folkie friend Jamie N Commons? Well, it’s the multi-billion dollar corporate connection of course. Up above you’ll notice that Jay Z’s addition to the track comes paired with another cut of the commercial that “Jungle” initially soundtracked, also featuring soccer elites like Neymar and other famous Beats by Dre endorsees like Lil Wayne.

But don’t think that the embattled rapper’s contribution to this cut is solely in the name of padding his wallet. Strangely enough Jay Z has chosen now to unleash a few of his most ferocious bars in recent memory (“If your god is bigger than my god up there/And my god is bigger than your god down here/Whom shall I fear?”). Though he only pops up for a single first, he manages to transform the bombastic single into the stadium-sized banger that Beats seemed to imagine it could be.

Check out the full remix below, or if you’re interested in just hearing Jay Z’s portion of the track, you can watch the Beats ad up above.