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Ice-T Pays Respect to Lady-Moshers on Body Count’s ‘Bitch in the Pit’

Ice-T Body Count 'Bitch in the Pit' Song

Is the world ready for a Body Count comeback? Ice-T’s thrash-metal outfit is set to return with its fifth album, Manslaughter, which they recently previewed with the aggro “Talk Shit, Get Shot.” Now they’re back with the hardcore ode “Bitch in the Pit,” in which Ice screams about a Doc Marten-wearing woman who can more than hold her own in the shit at a show. “She came here to fight / She says she’ll die tonight,” goes one part of the chorus to the song, which also features a terrific speed-metal solo at its climax. It probably won’t go down in the history books as a feminist anthem, but at least Ice is recognizing the women who are often mixing it up in the circle at punk and thrash shows. Plus, it makes us wonder how he’d react to seeing a young woman in the audience getting groped — we can only hope his handling of that horrible situation is as swift and as fierce as that of Staind’s Aaron Lewis. Body Count’s Manslaughter is due out June 10 from Sumerian Records.