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Here’s Hugh Jackman Rapping With T.I. and LL Cool J

Hugh Jackman Rap T.I. LL Cool J

By now, we know Hugh Jackman lives for musical theater like Wolverine needs adamantium, making him a good choice for the host of the 2014 Tony Awards. However, the good choices seem to stop with Broadway’s attempt to get hip with hip-hop culture: Jackman, LL Cool J, and T.I. performing a rap-rendition of the opening number of The Music Man. LL, a good sport in catering to the non-Hip-Hop community, manages to inspire legions of theater buffs onto their feet, while a visibly tickled T.I. spits “sell clarinets to the kids in the town with the big trombones… and the piccolo, the piccolo,” giving his image as the Rubberband Man a puzzling makeover. But Jackman is the real trail-blazer here: While his first rhymes acknowledge, “Well, I don’t know much about bands,” Hugh can’t hide the excitement on his face while trading lines with the rap veterans. He ends by thanking Questlove for crafting the beat and shares his new rap handle, as chosen by Cool J himself: Biggie Tap Shoes.