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Stream How to Dress Well’s Self-Leaked ‘”What Is This Heart?”‘ Album

How to Dress Well 'What Is This Heart' Stream

How to Dress Well mastermind Tom Krell has been slowly releasing tracks off of his new album “What Is This Heart” for the past couple of months, beginning with the gorgeous “Words I Don’t Remember,” the sublime “Repeat Pleasure” and the eerie video for “Face Again.” But rather than wait for the record’s June 24 unveiling via Weird World, Krell has gone and posted the entire thing on his own at and tweeting, “stream til the label tell me to take it down :).” Whether the label bosses don’t care or just aren’t awake yet, the dozen tracks that make up the follow-up to 2012’s Total Loss are there for your listening pleasure, and the limited edition deluxe double-vinyl LP is still available for pre-order. That version comes with the non-album cuts “Let You Know” and “So Easy For Pleasure,” which aren’t featured on the self-leaked stream. Enjoy it now while you can.