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Houndstooth Play Dreamy Pop Blues in ‘Yellow Stone’ Video

Houndstooth 'Yellow Stone' Video Portland

Portland quintet Houndstooth crank out a comely combination of overcast dream-pop and bluesy Americana. Their debut album Ride Out the Dark is one of the 2013’s all-too overlooked delights, but they’ll have another crack at expanding audiences with a sophomore LP later this year. Katie Bernstein and Co. are still in working on that as-yet unnamed record, but they’ve taken a break to premiere a taste of what’s to come right here. Seen and heard above is “Yellow Stone,” a drifty little slab of airy indie prone to some dark forays into moody guitar (that’s John Gnorski). The Alexander Morris-directed video is simple — the gang plays in the studio, while a VHS treatment and tiny television seem to pay off of the line, “I’m watching you watching you watch me.” Keep an eye on these labelmates to Doug Paisley — more powerful fare from the No Quarter crew.