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Hear Morgan Geist’s Synth-Soaked Remix of Hercules and Love Affair’s ‘I Try to Talk to You’

hercules and love affair, i try to talk to you

Last week, Hercules and Love Affair released their third album, The Feast of the Broken Heart, making good on their promise of an aggressive, emotionally dense record. As Barry Walters notes in his review for SPIN, DJ Andy Butler’s shape-shifting crew hits hardest with “I Try to Talk to You,” a piano-laden track anchored by guest vocalist John Grant’s devastating regrets in light of an HIV diagnosis. For the remix, Butler tells SPIN that he wanted someone who “could confidently handle both the gravity of the song [and] a big vocal, and still bring the boogie.”

Metro Area‘s Morgan Geist, a producer who shares Butler’s allegiances to past decades of house music, filters the powerful song through his industrial sensibilities and comes up with a contemplative, synthed-out remix. The resulting cut is a house-culture homage transferred from one man’s nostalgia to another like a game of telephone, and the signal finds new intensity in Geist’s quiet restraint. Listen below, and watch out for the I Try to Talk to You (Remixes) EP, out June 8 via Big Beat/Atlantic Records.