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Watch the Live Debut of Grimes’ Agitated ‘Go,’ Her Song for Rihanna

Grimes Go Rihanna New Song Governors Ball Video

Earlier this week we heard tell of a song that Grimes’ Claire Boucher penned for Rihanna, who eventually rejected it. Boucher promised that she’d debut that song (along with two others) at Governors Ball this weekend, and now fan footage of that performance has surfaced.

The song, which Stereogum reports is called “Go,” takes on the moody, swaying electro-pop of the Roc Nation signee‘s debut and appears to add some high drama to the affair via some sawtoothed synthesizers and crackling drum pads.

Based on the admittedly shaky clip above, it doesn’t seem like something Rihanna might hop on, but it does seem like a pretty daring new direction for Grimes to dart in.