Watch Future Disobey the FAA for Mid-Flight ‘Side Effects’ Video

Future 'Side Effects' Video Honest

Considering his crime-caper clip for “Covered N Money” and model-filled video for “I Won,” Future seems to prefer a more austere route when it comes to the visuals for his Honest tracks. With “Blood, Sweat, Tears,” he poured his heart out while standing under some power lines, and now, on behalf of bonus track “Side Effects,” he’s keeping things almost as simple. This time, the SPIN cover star flies in a private jet while rapping about his wife, Ciara, and ignores FAA regulations against using a cell phone while in the air. After he lands, Future heads to a basketball court to stand in front of a pretty slick ride and say sweet-nothings like, “‘Cause I never take nothing from you, you deserve it all / Just tell me what it costs, ball till we fall.” What a gent. Check out the video, courtesy of World Star Hip Hop, above.



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