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Fred Durst, Actor, Is Shockingly Subtle in ‘The Truth’

Fred Durst Limp Bizkit The Truth Short Film Video

Fred Durst is probably a little smarter than you give him credit for. The Limp Bizkit frontman has always hinted that the ultra-macho boneheadedness for which he and his band became famous was intended with at least a little bit of satire in mind. And today, he’s emerged with an intelligent and pretty danged funny short film called The Truth, in which he plays an unstable traveling preacher.

Directed by Durst, and made in a mockumentary style that mirrors Christopher Guest‘s awkward beats, the short is intended to highlight some of the inherent hypocrisies of church life.

In an interview with SPIN last year Durst noted the difficulties that some fans face in interpreting aggro, dude-bro rap-rock that the band has come to embody since their late ’90s heyday/ “We’re playing it so straight that it’s absolutely hard to differentiate or pull off any satire,” he explained. “A lot of people who I despise in the world, the bullies of the world, love Limp Bizkit.”

That sort of comment mirrors the thoughtfulness with which Durst seems to have approached this film, and is reiterated in an interview with Noisey, in which Durst states that he hopes to highlight some of “the subtleties of Limp Bizkit” and “the satire” that’s always been overlooked. The nü-metal guru casts himself in a more pensive and careful mode with The Truth, but if you look closely, perhaps the softer side of Limp been there all along. Watch the 30-minute film above.