Doprah, New Zealand’s Next Art-Pop Star, Drops Wild Anime-Inspired Video

Doprah 'Stranger People' Video New Zealand

All hail the arrival of another odd-pop export from New Zealand: Doprah. On record, the project is a duo comprising producer Steven Marr and vocalist Indira Force. Live their membership expands to six, but in the video for “Stranger People” above, well, things are … different. Apparently taking a cue from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, our young heroes appear as tiny weirdos in a neon-dipped dollhouse, accompanied by creepily masked dancers-as-anime-characters (word to Le1f). Indira eventually becomes some sort of kawaii princess, and Marr appears as the lost male member of Sailor Moon’s crew. Awesome. As for the song, it strikes a gauzy balance between the gothy inclinations of fellow Kiwi Lorde, the noirish husk of Portishead, and the curious mood-making of cloud-rap. Compare to or call it whatever you want — Doprah have got their own wild thing going on, and Ms. Force is aptly named. An eponymous EP is out now, and an album is up next.

Here’s a bonus video:



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