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Watch a Trailer for ‘Sonic Highways,’ Dave Grohl’s HBO Show

Dave Grohl Sonic Highways Foo Fighters HBO Trailer Video

We’ve known for a couple of weeks now that Dave Grohl has been filming an HBO series to accompany Foo Fighters country-spanning recording process for their fall LP, but details on that show have been relatively scant. Now, as Consequence of Sound points out, HBO has finally released a trailer and announced that the show will be called Sonic Highways.

In the Grohl-directed and Grohl-starring series, the band will delve into the musical history of the United States through investigating the series of studios in which they’ve recorded their album. According to Classic Rock Magazine, that’ll be Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio in Chicago, Rancho de Luna in Californiam and Washington, D.C.’s Inner Ear Studios, among others.

In the above trailer, there’s 20 seconds of impressionistic shots of Grohl boarding public transit and a number of different locales, while Grohl talks about the concept of the show.

“It all started with the idea of recording at different studios all over the country, doing something to make it new,” explains Grohl. “We can tie all of these people and places together with these ‘sonic highways.’ This is a musical map of America.”

The whole thing remains a little abstract at this point, but given that Ian MacKaye, Kiss frontman Paul Stanley, The Eagles’ Joe Walsh, and Heart’s Nancy Wilson have all signed on for interviews, and that it is, after all, a document of Foo Fighters forthcoming album, it remains essential viewing at this point.

As of yet, there’s no news on when the series will actually debut.