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Is BET Considering a Chris Brown Reality Show? Please, God, No

Chris Brown BET Considering Reality Show

Sigh. We’ll never be rid of this guy, will we? TMZ reports that BET is considering a reality show about violent R&B triple threat, Chris Brown. They cite multiple unnamed sources, saying the network has been holding focus groups — comprising entirely African American women, no less — to get a sense of whether or not viewers are interested in a program that would follow the dude once immortalized by Law & Order: SVU, chronicling his life after jail.

TMZ says the response has been split, but the majority would watch to see whether Brown will screw up again. They also claim BET is fully onboard and the only holdup is the “bad boy” himself, who has yet to sign a production company deal. For better or worse, it feels like both of the aforementioned scenarios are stone cold inevitabilities at this point. But will viewers stay loyal to this man? 

Brown was released from prison earlier this month after serving three weeks of his 131-day sentence for violating his probation in an incident involving him and his bodyguard allegedly punching a man outside a Washington, D.C. hotel. The bodyguard was already found guilty in the case and Breezy recently rejected a plea deal that would keep him out of jail. Welcome to the Chris Brown show.