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Watch Child of Lov and Damon Albarn’s Eerie ‘One Day’ Video

Child of Lov

When Dutch producer Child of Lov (Cole Williams) released his self-titled debut on Domino Six in May of 2013, it was impossible to know that his untimely passing would occur just seven months later. Child of Lov — that L-O-V stands for “light oxygen voltage” — was a thoughtful tapestry of bluesy songwriting embellished by electronic flourishes, echoing guitar strums, singing organs, crackling reverb, plodding synths, and drum loops. Recorded at Damon Albarn’s 13 studio, the album featured collaborations from DOOM, Thundercat, and Albarn himself, proving that disparate musical entities could find a home in Lov’s trippy, neo-soul-inflected compositions. Before Williams’ death, the result of complications surrounding a surgery, all signs pointed toward the experimentalist finding his big break with his debut.

Before his passing, Williams recorded a video for his Damon Albarn collaboration and Child of Lov highlight “One Day.” The video shows a young girl planning a date with her man —cooking dinner, setting the table, and showering after a gratifying tumble between the sheets — as the song’s solemn march boils below. It’s not until the end that the creepy reality of her world settles in: Her partner isn’t exactly all there. Watch the gloomy horror story unfold above.