Cathedrals Merge R&Beats With Gorgeous Guitar on ‘Want My Love’

Cathedrals 'Want My Love' Stream Neon Golden

San Francisco enters the nü-R&B game swinging with Cathedrals, a duo comprising Brodie Jenkins (Ghost and Gale) and Johnny Hwin (Blackbird Blackbird). The two share songwriting duties and possess an excellent collective ear for post-Aaliyah mood-making, pulsating bass, gorgeous harmonies, and XX-like guitar-play. They officially release their third single, “Want My Love” via Neon Gold on June 5, but you can stream it right now below. “Just tell me you’re alone / ‘Cause right now I’ve got this yearnin’ deep in my bones,” sings Jenkins in a husky coo before the song bursts wide open in a masterful merging of live instrumentation and electronic production. All of this bodes well for a yet-to-be-titled summer EP. Stay tuned.


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