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Watch Bud Light’s Zany ’90s ‘Grunge’ Ad

Bud Light grunge commercial ad video

There were a lot of things to hate about the ’90s, and one we certainly won’t miss is companies trying — and almost always failing — to market their products at grunge fans. You’ll find one not-so-shining example of that above — a Bud Light ad which has been on the web for a few years but came to our attention thanks to Everybody Loves Our Town author Mark Yarm and our friends at Stereogum. Therein, three Los Angelenos shill for the beer company rather strangely. There’s the dark-haired woman who does nothing more than sit at a table with a beer in front of her. And her blonde friend, who insinuates that drinking this particular brew arouses her. And then there’s the long-haired dude who scream-sings like a crazy person about wanting some Bud Light, sounding kind of like the dude from Candlebox on steroids. Thirsty yet?

According to the uploader, who was claims to have been the creative director of the agency that made the ad, it was one of about 400 commercials made between 1993 and 1997 that were filmed and shown in over 50 local markets around the country. For a little more nostalgia, check out the below spot from 2000, featuring people at a Nashville club living their lives to the fullest, then try to get that stupid song out of your head.