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Monster Energy ‘Strongly Disagrees’ with Beastie Boys Lawsuit Verdict

Beastie Boys Lawsuit Monster Energy Response

On Thursday, an official verdict in Beastie Boys’ longstanding lawsuit ruled that Monster Energy had to put $1.7 million in the New Yorkers’ pockets, but Friday the beverage company released an official response that registered their disapproval.

While Monster Energy says they “[have] great respect for the verdict of the jury,” they “strongly disagree with it” and will dispute it in an official appeal. The Beastie Boys have yet to respond to this statement.

Read the whole statement below and stay tuned for more in this never-ending legal saga. You really can’t blame Monster for taking this further because they know that you gotta fight for your right to illegally use principled bands’ music in promotional videos.

“Although Monster Energy has great respect for the verdict of the jury, we strongly disagree with it.  We will make an application to the Court to set aside the verdict and we intend to file an appeal. From the inception, Monster Energy has been willing to resolve this matter in a fair and equitable manner and we will continue to make additional efforts to reach a just resolution of this dispute.”