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Hear Baked’s Slow-Burnout Epic ‘Don’t Trip’

baked, debt, don't trip

Just as their name suggests, Baked specializes in hazy, lackadaisical yarns, several of which will appear on the Brooklynites’ upcoming debut album, Debt. The five-piece — which features R.J. Gordon (vocals/guitar), Davey Jones (guitar), Jeremy Aquilino (bass/vocals), Yoni David (drums), and Isabella Mingione (keys/vocals) — shared one cut from the nine-song LP a few weeks back (that would be the not-quite-tropical “Mick Jagger”), and now they’ve served up the collection’s official lead single, “Don’t Trip.” Though it ambles at a slow pace — all lazy rhythm and detached vocals — the new track gradually progresses into a lumbering crescendo before fading out into white noise. Ease into “Don’t Trip” below and pre-order Debt through Bandcamp.