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Hear Street Eaters Sling Powerful Post-Punk on ‘Reverse’

Street Eaters 'Reverse' Stream Bones Muscles Blood

Street Eaters’ “Reverse” opens as it should: a backmasked pileup of grinding guitars and crashing drums that simmers, then explodes. “We know how this all ends,” drummer Megan March sing-shouts backed by guitarist John No moments later, and we suppose the shape of that menacing waveform below should tip us off somewhat. The San Francisco Bay Area band whips up a mighty and constant din on this share from their June 17 album Blood::Muscles::Bones. And when Street Eaters say all it is they needed to say on the song, this post-punk ripper comes to a succinct close. The pair dropped their raw and clanging debut Rusty Eyes and Hydrocarbons in 2011, and have been honing their angles on the road ever since.

Get a taste by hitting play here: