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‘Star Wars’ Cantina Band Auditions: Watch Ben Folds, Mark McGrath, More

Star Wars Cantina Band Auditions Video Ben Folds Jordin Sparks

Star Wars Day came and went, but we might as well call 2014 Star Wars Year as anticipation (and promotion) builds for Episode VII. As A.V. Club points out, there’s no shortage of comedic tributes to George Lucas’ greatest gift to the planet Earth, but one co-produced by Lucasfilm is rare indeed. Now, thanks to CollegeHumor, we can watch the (faux) audition tapes for the cantina band at Mos Eisley.

Seen above, a wide array of known musical talents try out, though in their Star Wars universe alter-egos. Chris Daughtry appears as “Chris Darthry,” followed by Ben Folds, Liz Phair, Reggie Watts, Mark McGrath, Jordin Sparks, Rick Springfield, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Lisa Loeb, and Adult Swim star mc chris. Satisfying as it is to hear Sparks coo about the Jedi’s capacity for love, “Rick Forcefield” might be our favorite — he can play guitar using only the Force.

Still, would Mos Def backed by Eisley have been too obvious?