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Just Go Ahead Now and Play This Spin Doctors ‘Two Princes’ Remix

Spin Doctors 'Two Princes' Best Part Mix Video

For reasons both narcissistic and nostalgic, we here at SPIN do delight in sharing ridiculous Spin Doctors news, but it’s been awhile. Last year was rich with highlights: there was that one guy who attempted to Kickstart a biopic about singer Chris Barron starring Home Alone actor Daniel Stern simply because the two men look alike (that failed, despite our best efforts to help it along). And then there was that other guy, Marc McGrath, who failed at booking a cruise festival starring the band.

But sadly, Spin Doctors were left out of the CBC’s recent wonderful supercut of ’90s hits’ vocal hooks, so one YouTube user is doing his best to make amends. As Death and Taxes points out, MrMkerstetter has created an edit of the group’s “Two Princes” featuring only “the best part.” If you already hit play on the clip above, then you know exactly which part he prefers. “Dedicated to my wonderful girlfriend,” he writes in the description. We’re sure she appreciated it. (Also: surprise ending.)