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Soundgarden Will Revisit ’90s in Upcoming Official Documentary

Soundgarden, documentary

An official, career-spanning Soundgarden documentary is in the works. As Bad Feeling Magazine reports (via Blabbermouth), the upcoming film already has a directing team lined up. Canadian indie director Reg Harkema will team up on the project with Banger Films‘ Scot McFadyen and Sam Dunn.

The documentary will reportedly recount Soundgarden’s full career history, from their beginnings in Seattle clubs to their breakup and more recent King Animal reunion. “We’re going to concentrate on [the ’90s] era mostly,” Harkema is quoted as saying. “It’ll probably be like 70 to 75 percent mid-’80s to the breakup, and then catch up on the reunion and the present day.”

He continued: “We’d like to shoot some big special concert, and maybe use that as a structural spine. We’re going to shoot all the interviews so they’re more on-camera, so you can kind of get the emotion in the faces. There’s a lot of stuff that they went through, and a lot of stuff that they [shrug off], that I think we can dig deep underneath, and get back to how they felt emotionally at the time.”

SPIN profile subjects Soundgarden are touring this summer without drummer Matt Cameron, who has other commitments with Lightning Bolt strikers Pearl Jam. Harkema said Cameron will, however, be playing with Soundgarden at “some key shows,” so the documentary crew will try to capture those on camera.

Harkema previously worked with McFadyen and Dunn on the documentary Super Duper Alice Cooper, which is out on DVD and Blu-Ray on May 27.

For their upcoming project, the directors might want to see if they can use this video of Dave Grohl remembering the first time he heard “Black Hole Sun.”

Also, here’s this: