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Watch Slowdive’s First Show in 20 Years

Slowdive Reunion First Show London Video

In advance of their previously announced reunion show at London’s Village Underground on May 19, Slowdive snuck in a surprise set at a different venue in London on Sunday, May 18. The recently reunited shoegaze giants delivered a full surprise set at the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the label Sonic Cathedral.

Though all of Slowdive’s members have stayed involved in musical projects of varying quality since the dissolution of the band they started as teenagers, Sunday night marked the first time that all five appeared on stage together since before the release of their third and final album, 1995’s Pygmalion. In that same year, Neil Halstead, Rachel Goswell, and Ian McCutcheon formed Mojave 3.

Sunday night’s gig found Slowdive performing a 13-song-set that drew from the Just for a Day and Souvlaki albums as well, and their self-titled EP. You can catch a performance of “Crazy For You,” from Pygmalion, above, or renditions of “Alison” and “Souvlaki Space Station” below. Both of those are drawn, of cource, from their classic 1993 LP Souvlaki. The full set is available is also available as a Youtube playlist

Slowdive are poised for a full slate of festival dates over the remainder of this year.