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Skrillex Saving ‘Craziest Skrillex Sounds’ for ‘Transformers’ Movie

Skrillex, 'Transformers,' Diplo

Two unabashed blockbuster franchises are about to combine. Skrillex, whose America-ruling style of dubstep we once described as having Transformers skronk,” is contributing to a Transformers movie.

As Billboard reports, he’s handling sound design, and he says he has been coming up with “the craziest Skrillex sounds I could ever make.” After the exploratory pop highs of the 26-year-old producer’s new album, Recess, the possibilities for what a “Skrillex sound” can be are excitingly open, though sanity is still definitely optional.

Futher details on Skrillex’s impending involvement with Michael Bay’s whizz-bang sci-fi action flicks are unclear. The fourth film in the series, Transformers: Age of Extinction, hits theaters on June 27.

According to the Oklahoma Gazette, Skrillex worked on Age of Extinction, and he told the Toronto Sun this week he was “working on sounds for the dinobots in the new Transformers movie” — dinobots, of course, being a type of robot that turns into a dinosaur, and whose presence in this summer’s offering has been a subject of intense speculation. But still doing work in May for a movie with a June release date? That makes our minds create some crazy Skrillex sounds.

Skrillex also told Billboard that while he isn’t in any hurry to release a follow-up to Recess, he’s planning on “some singles and mini-EPs” later in 2014. He is touring through August, has other film projects in the works, and has been making some music with Jack U collaborator Diplo. “What we try to do is make the stupidest thing ever and make it actually work — that’s our only thing,” said the man born Sonny Moore.

Oh, and he’s heading up a Bonnaroo “Superjam” with members of the Grateful Dead and the Doors, plus Janelle Monaé, Warpaint, Chance the Rapper, Thundercat, Zedd, and more. Expect “surprises.” Too much to hope for dinobots?