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See Serengeti’s Kenny Dennis Character in His Own Sitcom

Chicago rapper's Dennehy-loving alter-alter-ego appears in pitch clip for potential series

David Cohn, a.k.a. Chicago MC Serengeti, wears many hats. Within the music world alone he’s carved out space as a wry confessionalist (his Saal album with Sicker Man), a weirdo party-guy (his Sisyphus project with Sufjan Stevens and Son Lux), and a mustachioed middle-aged rapper named Kenny Dennis (read an entire SPIN interview about that here). Well, turns out the man is pretty damned good at inhabiting a character on camera as well.

Above is a short from a proposed sitcom starring Cohn as Dennis, ostensibly dubbed Kenny Show. Director WC Tank shared the clip with a note: “We just posted a sizzle for the show to youtube […] After a lot of deliberation we finally decided to go the organic route rather than pitch it to a blog or wait around for the TV industry to return our emails.” Michael Pierce plays Kenny’s brother Tanya, and music comes from Anticon’s Jel and Odd Nosdam.

Those familiar with the Dennis ouevre will recognize some key details in “Pole Control,” from the bottle of non-alcoholic brew Cohn pulls from, to the mustache that captures all of that O’Douls, to his obsession with basketball and bratwurst, to the very premise of this episode which revolves around the career choices of Tanya Dennis. It’s worth noting Workaholics star Anders Holm is a known fan of Cohn’s. Perhaps a cameo is in order.

Meanwhile, here’s the song and video that started it all back in 2006: