Rob Zombie Covers Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’ for His ‘Old-School Metalhead’ Fans

Rob Zombie 'Enter Sandman' Video Metallica Myrtle Beach

Rob Zombie is 49 years old and has been in the metal game for a long time now. And while some artists try to ignore or downplay the fact that they’re getting older, he readily acknowledges his age and his preference for taking it easy, as evidenced by the above video shot by a fan at one of his recent shows. The former White Zombie leader is shown asking the crowd if there are any “motherfucking old school metal-motherfucking-heads” in the building, to which many fans respond enthusiastically. Then he talks about how they’re probably upstairs taking it easy as opposed to standing down on the floor with the youngsters. And he understands — he’d much rather grab a beer and “sit my fucking ass down.” He also says that the last time he stood in the front of a crowd was 1982 when he saw Black Flag and “Henry Rollins kneed me in the face.” So, in honor of the passing of time and aging gracefully, Zombie kicks into a surprise rendition of arguably the most popular metal song of all time, Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.” It’s a faithful, though truncated, performance, with a false start at the beginning to get some laughs out of the audience. Enjoy it above, and feel like a young’un again. 

Rob Zombie’s Rock Advice: Lose the ‘Tude, Trust Thyself


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