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Here’s Every Photo Drake Liked on Instagram

Photos Drake Liked Instagram Tanlines Tumblr

On off days, when Drake’s not busy singing hooks on his friends’ songs or watching basketball games with lint-roller in hand, there’s a decent chance the rapper, singer, actor, label boss, and all-around good sport is scrolling through Instagram, carefully considering the pictures that he thinks are worthy of his official heart-shaped endorsement. Here’s where it gets weird.

For the better part of the past year, Tanlines guitarist and vocalist Eric Emm has been providing the valuable public service of tracking Aubrey Graham’s Instagram likes on a dedicated Tumblr account. As The A.V. Club points out, Emm’s Photos Drake Liked compiles what puports to be a comprehensive record of every pic that Drizzy has deemed worth a double-click.

Considering how sparse the man’s likes tend to be, we’re still only just seeing patterns emerge, but from what we can tell Drake’s pretty into pictures of older women, sports, and anything to do with his OVO brand (owls, lyrics tattooslint rollers). In Emm’s own words the compilation is “very much in line with his persona: pretty soft and sweet, peppered with occasionally thugdom.”