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Hear Orangatang’s Elliptical, Electronic ‘That’s Where I’ll Go’

Orangatang That's Where I'll Be Stream

Orangatang is a band of California tinkerers who’ve slowly mined the open, airy space of overlap between gauzy shoegaze instrumentals and body-heaving beat-pop. Just a month after their last Bandcamp missive, they return today with “That’s Where I’ll Go,” a blunted instrumental that takes hazy, post-Panda Bear vocal harmonies to their logical extension. 

The track sputters in fits and starts, but eventually settles into a Balearic-indebted groove that places Orangatang in similar realms to Delorean or Air France. Though their Bandcamp says the trio is composed of David Korrigan, Justin Anastasio, and Max O’Reilly, apparently that lineup isn’t static. But whatever combination of players they’ve settled on here works pretty well. Stream the track below.