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Neil Young and Jack White Will Make a Record Live on ‘Fallon’

Neil Young, Jack White, vinyl, 'Tonight Show,' 'Fallon'

Rip up your Guinness Book of World Records. When Neil Young and Jack White come to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon tonight, they’ll perform and press that one take to vinyl, their host Jimmy Fallon has announced. “Making history tonight,” Fallon tweeted. “Neil Young is going to perform and press a vinyl with the help of Jack White live on the show. One take. Fun.”

Young recorded his new covers album A Letter Home on the refurbished 1947 Voice-o-Graph machine at White’s Third Man Records in Nashville. The device can record about two minutes of audio and press it onto a vinyl record. Young’s Fallon appearance with White comes after the former White Stripes member recorded and pressed his new “Lazaretto” single in, ahem, record time; White’s upcoming album, also titled Lazeretto, will come as a spectacularly packaged piece of vinyl in its own right.

Louis C.K. will also be on Fallon tonight, though it’s unclear whether his appearance will get its own insta-vinyl pressing.