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‘My Dad Was in a Band’ Honors Rocking Fathers, Famous or Not

"My Dad Was in a Band"

Hearing the blog title “My Dad Was in a Band” could lead one to believe it’ll be some sort of “hey, look at how funny my old man looked when he was in a shitty rock group,” but that’s not the case. Instead, it’s a pretty touching insight into what it’s like growing up in a musical household, whether your pops made it big or shined briefly before fading into obscurity.

The son of Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider talks about how much he loved watching the genre-bending metal group’s videos, and how it felt to see his father work a minimum wage job after losing the money he made as a star. Then there’s Bobby Hackney Jr. relating the time he, at 30 years old, first heard his dad’s proto-punk band Death. Bobby Jr. now fronts the hard-rocking group Rough Francis, alongside two of his siblings. There are other names you might recognize like Prince and the Revolution, the Byrds, and Oingo Boingo, and then there ones that time forgot, like Hot Ice, Adom, and the High Spirits

Smartly, the site also features, when possible, songs or videos of the groups so you can discover some great music. Just be warned — once you start reading, it’s incredibly hard to stop (h/t Ned Raggett).