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Morrissey Joins Twitter, World Braces for Big Mouth Strike

Morrissey Joins Twitter Follow Tweet

Big Mouth is at last truly equipped to strike again. And again. And again. And … you get the idea. Morrissey has officially joined Twitter. Those even remotely familiar with the sort of headlines the former Smiths leader makes when he’s not busy playing gigs to the enrapt or recording spoken-word video versions of new songs. He does have a fresh album to promote — World Peace Is None of Your Business, out July 15 — but one imagines he’ll have more to say.

To recap, in recent year’s he’s picked a fight with Paul McCartney, suggested that Chinese people are a “subspecies,” compared Canada to Nazi Germany, and taken President Obama to task for “pardoning” a turkey at Thanksgiving. It’s been said before, but for a man who doesn’t eat meat, the Mozzer serves up a whole lot of beef. Though usually his mouthpieces are once-removed: journalists, publicists, and devoted fan site True to You. Eep.

As Pitchfork reports, a rep has confirmed that the @itsmorrissey account will be tended to Morrissey himself. It was set up nearly five years ago, but has gone unused since (unless previous tweets were deleted). The singer’s Facebook account shared the news thusly: “ Feel free to reach out,” along with a photo of Moz touching an eager acolyte’s hand. This could be wonderful. It could be a disaster. Either way, it’s worth a follow.