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Moire Announces Album, Shares Dark and Twitchy ‘No Gravity’

Moire No Gravity Stream Werkdiscs Shelter

Mystery producer Moiré will release his debut album on August 18 via Werkdiscs, the ever-reliable imprint run by London bleak-ist, Actress. The new set will be called Shelter, and you can hear the first taste of it below — a twitchy yet spacious production dubbed “No Gravity,” which earns its title even while embracing hefty beatwork. Of course, Moiré (the man and the visual phenomenon) is all about using contrasting elements to create a bigger picture.

Or, as the label words it: “Perceptual experience does not necessarily confirm individual sounds, as much as ‘moiré’ does not appear when looking at individual lines. It’s really about the combination and interaction of the minutiae that make the whole… the sum of the parts. What is important is how we perceive the resulting effect in the grey area or ‘twilight zone’ materialising in the overlap between the lines or sounds in this case.”

Got all that? If not, hit play and let our host do the heavy lifting. And while you’re listening, be sure to scroll down and watch the wild GIF Moiré’s sent along for your enjoyment/discomfort. Pre-order Shelter via the Ninjashop, and revisit his Rolx and Never Sleep EPs.

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