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Modern Rivals Dabble in Dark Arts for ‘The Dead Leaves’ Video

Modern Rivals 'The Dead Leaves' Video Cemetery Dares

Modern Rivals have an ear for pop but a restless hankering for something more. That comes across handily on the Brooklyn-via-St. Louis band’s new album Cemetery Dares, whose songs are equal parts inviting and itchy. To sample the sound, look no further than “The Dead Leaves (Danse Macabre Before Midnight).” The track’s brand new Michael Fails-directed video strikes that same balance, pitting beauty and innocence against choppy GIF-like editing and some sort of black-magic-derived psychedelia. We won’t give much away, but watch and be transported from a plain old bathtub to an oddly lit graveyard, all thanks to some pretty delicious-looking green goop. Pick up Cemetery Dares now.