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Matthewdavid Slings Psychedelic Beats on Mercurial ‘Artforms’

Matthewdavid 'Artforms' Stream In My World Brainfeeder

A fixture of Los Angeles’ psychedelic electronic underground, Matthewdavid is not only a Dublab radio resident and the founder of Leaving Records, he’s an artist in his own right. On July 1, the producer/vocalist will release his second album, In My World, on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder imprint, and it’s set to be a lush and colorful trip into the man’s inimitable ear. For evidence, look no further than “Artforms,” streaming below. The new track opens with a record scratch but soon gives way to soothing voice and organic instrumentation. Later, the beat surges to the fore, and the picture shifts again. “I’m feeling all the art forms start to blend together,” Matthewdavid coos. That could be the drugs taking hold, but more likely it’s our host’s way with sound. Listen here:

In My World track list:

1. “In My World”
2. “Cosmic Caller”
3. “The Mood Is Right”
4. “Perpetual Moon Moods”
5. “House of Horus”
6. “Next to You Always”
7. “Artforms”
8. “Singing Flats”
9. “West Coast Jungle Juke”
10. “Birds in Flight” (feat. the Light of Love Children’s Choir)