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Le1f Flexes in the Forest for ‘Sup’ Video

New York rapper Le1f dropped his highly anticipated Hey EP via XL Recordings in March, and though the thing’s only five songs, it continues to pay out. We saw the man strut his best “Wut” across David Letterman’s stage, and hijack a hamburger joint in the “Boom” video. Now he does his thing in a decidedly different setting: nature. Jesse Miller-Gordon directs the clip for “Sup,” a song whose trappish drums and Auto-Tuned hooks contrast neatly with the green trees, gushing waterfalls, and amber waves of grain depicted. And despite a beat that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Chief Keef song, Le1f makes it his own, elastic voice rhyming, “I waved at him once, just to put butterflies up in his gut / Lemme get at that, tap into that bubble butt / I killed it, shut the casket, I don’t give a fuck.” Also: “Skin color? Spicy chai latte.” Here’s hoping every song on the EP gets a visual.