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Hear Jincallo’s Beautiful, Brainy Electronica Album ‘Do You Mind’

Jincallo Do You Mind Album Stream Alpha Pup

We don’t know a great deal about Los Angeles producer Jincallo, a.k.a. Gian Scott, but his SoundCloud bio handles the salient stuff: “Chill dude. Chill Tunes.”

To be fair, there’s quite a bit more at work on the man’s May 13 Alpha Pup album, Do You Mind. Opening song “Turn of the Key” brings the psychedelic nature of Forest Swords’ beat-work to mind. “Reflex” is springy like Baths, pitting an old folk vocal sample against rumbling bass and shimmering texture. “The V” features the kind of gritty drum-play you’d hear on a Madlib production, and the lushness of a track like “Interviewing Hoarders” recalls Flying Lotus.

The point is, Jincallo’s productions place him in very fine company — kin to a diverse group of artists whose work finds purchase on brain, heart, and body alike. Stream all 13 tracks of Do You Mind below, and pre-order via Bandcamp.