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Jenny Lewis’ Third Solo Album ‘The Voyager’ Coming Soon

Jenny Lewis 'Voyager' New Album Warner

As far as album announcements go, it’s hard to be any subtler than Jenny Lewis’ latest. As Stereogum points out, the news comes from a few facts from a few sources. First, she’s booked at a bunch of festivals this summer, which would be a tad odd if she didn’t have anything new to perform or promote. Second, her Austin City Limits bio says, “Her anticipated third solo album is slated for release on Warner Bros. Records in July 2014.” And finally, a recent interview with the Charleston City Paper reveals that the LP is called The Voyager.

“I worked on these songs for a long time so there’s no stone unturned, lyrically,” she told the paper about her third solo album, and first since 2008’s  Acid Tongue. “I thought about them while walking on the mountain near my house I thought about them while flying on airplanes. I thought about them while lying awake with terrible insomnia. I finished them standing in line at Vons. While I was brushing my teeth. I was obsessed. So I feel like they’re done. My poem is finished.”

It’s stull unclear whether the folk ballad “Completely Not Me,” which she wrote for HBO’s Girls, made the album’s final cut. Check out Lewis’ tour dates, which include a stop at New York’Governors Ball Music Festival, at her official site.