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Rapper Cadalack Ron Injects Drugs Mid-Battle, World Remains Awful

And for some reason people cheer him on

If you wanted to see something truly terrible today, watch the above video of rapper Cadalack Ron shooting drugs while trying to hold his own in a rap battle from earlier this week, via Death and Taxes. The match-up between the Los Angeles native and Pasadena’s Syfer 1 took place at a denim store in Compton, with each MC getting three rounds to prove himself with on-the-spot intravenous injections purely optional.

It seems Ron, who has a history of drugs, can’t quite keep up from the beginning, reciting what sounds like a pre-written rap instead of freestyling. Still, he boasts about his junkie past and his tolerance for opiates, while Syfer 1 raps his ass off. Then, around 9:50, Ron takes out a needle and shoots what the clip’s description says is heroin, though he seems more pepped-up afterward.

The onlookers laugh, gasp, make jokes, cheer him on, and try to get photos and videos on their phones. What’s even sadder is that being an addict is Ron’s gimmick, as his Twitter bio includes the nicknames Krokodil Dundee, the Methadone Don, and Black Tar Rap Star. He’s even retweeted some of the mentions about what happened. Odds are, this story isn’t going to have a happy ending.