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Geoffrey O’Connor Is a Man of Many Faces in ‘Her Name on Every Tongue’ Video

Geoffrey O'Connor, "Her Name on Every Tongue," video, Crayon Fields, Sly Hats

Down Under keeps coming up. Australia’s Courtney Barnett is one the year’s indie-rock success stories on the strength of her The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas, with songs like “Avant Gardener” and “Anonymous Club.” In the past couple of years countryfolk from DIY vets the Cannanes to newer acts like Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, Twerps, and Beaches have also made a splash. Twerps-Beaches-Pikelet labelmate Geoffrey O’Connor has been one of the more quietly captivating voices in Aussie indie pop for several years now, with his past projects the Crayon Fields and Jens Lekman-endorsed Sly Hats (see if you can track down this Muscles remix), and he’s releasing new solo album Fan Fiction on August 8 via Chapter Music. Above, watch the video for the sun-baked, slightly off-kilter synth-pop gem “Her Name on Every Tongue,” which wouldn’t be out of place on Destroyer’s smoove-savant Kaputt. O’Connor directed the clip himself, and he plays every role in a story about a missing superstar known as Isis.