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Watch Eminem’s Affecting, Spike Lee-Directed ‘Headlights’ Video

Eminem Headlights Spike Lee Mothers Day

After nearly two decades of vile and vicious rhymes, Eminem’s done a lot of owning up to past wrongs recently. Over the course of his career, Marshall Mathers has said some particularly unflattering things about his mother Debbie on record, but “Headlights” (from the chart-topping Marshall Mathers LP 2) was a recorded attempt at making amends.  

Now, in celebration of Mother’s Day, that track has a tender and affecting video courtesy American film legend Spike Lee. The video was shot in Eminem’s hometown of Detroit and largely follows his mom’s perspective before a tearjerking reunion. Whatever you think of the track itself, Lee manages to get something heartwarming out of a video concept that could very easily fallen by the cloying and overly sentimental wayside. Stream the video above.