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Stream Ed Schrader’s Music Beat’s Brooding, Bouncy ‘Party Jail’ LP

Ed Schrader's Music Beat

Baltimore duo Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, comprised of Ed Schrader and Devlin Rice, don’t waste time getting to the point on their forthcoming release, Party Jail. Their sophomore album, a follow up to 2012’s Jazz Mind, elbow-drops in with “Pantomime Jack,” a slow-building, rumbling rocker of a track that builds for about thirty seconds before exploding into a screeching, soaring chorus. (It’s truly refreshing to hear a band not fuck around and bring their formidable talent to the front of a record.) They get to the heady sonic exploration later on; “Pantomine Jack” also contains a creepy, totally fuzz-filled breakdown that’s a brainier than the song’s screaming, visceral chorus.

The album unfolds as a brassy adventure in minimalism, including the jazzy, dance-friendly track, “Pink Moon,” and then the helium-voiced, punk-pop fist-pumper, “Emperor’s New Chair.” Highlights showcased via hints of the Modern Lovers on the seven-minute-long “Clock Weather” and the atmospheric, tensely built, noir-ish closer, “Weekend Train.” Party Jail arrives May 20 on Infinity Cat Recordings but you can stream it in advance of the release below.